Farmgate Online Enquiry Process

Once you have read the following information and are serious about finding farm work then we welcome you to submit an online enquiry. This will help us to find appropriate and timely work for you and ensure a smooth check-in process.

You must register online before arriving at Farmgate Backpackers. Once we receive your application we will get in touch with you regarding an arrival date and time.

Farm Work

We operate as a working hostel all year round. We work with many farms growing a range of fresh produce, including mangoes, lychees, citrus, avocados and ginger. Some work is paid by the hour and some by "piece rate".

We only work with ethical farmers and our expectation is that all workers have the opportunity to achieve the minimum award wage of $22.83 for adults ($18-$20 approx) for Juniors (Under 20) per hour. It is possible to earn much more than this, depending on your commitment.

Start Date

Farm conditions change regularly due to the weather, the markets and other factors, so it is almost impossible to provide guaranteed start dates, however, we do have plenty of long term work regularly becoming available. If your application is successful and your arrival date is confirmed it will assist us in allocating you to a farm.

If we cannot place you in work in your first week of arrival you may be eligible to a 50% rebate of your room rate until work becomes available. However if you are offered work and decline then you revert back to full rate.

ARRIVAL and Check in

Once your application has been accepted, you will need to notify us of your arrival date. It is essential that you arrive within office hours. No early or late check ins will be accepted. Please do not arrive at Farmgate Backpackers un-announced, make sure you register first.

A $200 security deposit is required on arrival.

Farmgate Accommodation options

We offer different accommodation options and placement is strictly by availability. Please take a look at our Stay page for rates and accommodation details.

What do you need to do from here?

To apply for a position you need to:

  1. Fill-out and submit our online enquiry form - we will not accept phone or email applications.

  2. If your application is accepted, you will be sent further information regarding the work available and the next steps required. You will also be sent login details to complete our online guest check-in form.

  3. Once your guest registration form is complete, we will contact you to confirm your arrival date, time and method of transport (eg. bus, car, train).

  4. We will then allocate you to a job!